About Us

About Us


Eastlands Agency is a Ugandan company that was incorporated and registered with the Ugandan Registrar of Companies on the 13th day of June 1995. Its main objective was, and still is, “To offer Real Estate expertise not only to Ugandans but all over the world”.

Because of the accommodation scarcity coupled with high levels of land fraud and property mismanagement in the country, the company deemed it fit to provide Real Estate expertise to the different market players, and this has been boosted by the Company’s group of high level professionals in different spheres of Real Estate services and management.

Our services

Eastlands Agency Ltd specializes in providing Real Estate Services and these in particular include;

  • Marketing of Houses and Land for sale.
  • Offering Estate Management services.
  • Marketing of properties for rent
  • Offering Legal Services relating to land law in Uganda.
  • Strategic and development planning in relation to land use.


Our Mission

Facilitating informed decision making through provision of appropriate expertise to clients, as well as uplifting the standards of Ugandans by enabling people to access and own affordable but good quality homes, and business premises

Our Goals

  • High Quality Customer Care.
  • Timely and Quality delivery of services.
  • High Degree of Professionalism.
  • High degree of Corporate Ethics

How we work

Real Estate Without the Hassle

Process – 01

Identify buyer/seller

Eastlands Agency Ltd ensures and identifies persons who may wish to buy and sell property or land which may interalia, include Agricultural or commercial properties.

Process – 02

Purchase agreement

Intending purchaser approaches the company and agrees or accepts to purchase any property that has been advertised or marketed for sale by the company

Process – 03

Introduction to the proprietors

The company introduces him/her to the proprietors of the the said property and therefore to this extent, it acts as a commission agent

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